Hiring: Head of Platform & Community

Data Community Fund is hiring a Head of Platform & Community to be responsible for all network building efforts across our fast growing firm. We’re a bold new venture firm backed by top funds such as Sequoia, Bain Capital Ventures & AngelList and we’re completely rethinking venture from the “outside in” to focus on building a strong community of technical professionals, mentors, founders, and go-to-market experts as our core differentiator.

Data technologies are rapidly changing the world, and our community is at the epicenter of the hottest technical advancements and research in machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning. These technologies are literally transforming industries while simultaneously creating new opportunities and defining our future.

Money is cheap, experience isn’t. This is why we built our community first — to give technical founders launching B2B data-oriented startups an unfair advantage to succeed. Based on the immensely popular Data Council conference series, we provide the natural platform for technical founders to find early design partners & customers, hire technical talent, and network with other founders who have been through similar early stage challenges.

This network is our not-so-secret weapon — so far we’ve quietly backed more than 40 top B2B data & infrastructure startups such as Superconductive (Great Expectations), EraDB, Hex, Hightouch, Acryl Data (Datahub), Wasmer, Truera, Privacy Dynamics, Bit.io, Watchful and many others.

We’re on a mission to build a breakout venture firm, and are building out a key portion of the team to scale Platform, Marketing and Ops to achieve our vision.

The Role

The Head of Platform & Community is responsible to scale and execute our platform strategy. This includes managing events, content creation, designing portfolio support functions and building internal & external tooling. This is a generalist role, and if you’re a previous startup founder or early employee who’s been through the fire, baked a brand, built community, connected people, handled business development, tamed scale and the multitude of other similar responsibilities that come from working at startups, we’d love to talk to you.

We believe that our core differentiation lies in how we build our platform and the community around it. Where some VCs start with a fund and try to “bolt on” a community, we started with community first (no, really) and are building out our fund from there. This gives us a distinctly first-principles approach to building a new kind of venture fund, and you’ll experience it directly when designing and building the platform features that are direct manifestations of our core values.

About You

  • Have 5+ years experience in a related role (community, marketing, events, ops, etc.)
  • Passionate about data technologies, machine learning, AI and the positive impact it can have on our world
  • Have previous experience running events at a meaningful scale, managing operations for a team or startup, or have stories of similarly rigorous execution performance
  • Love to connect people, aren’t afraid of software engineers, dare to build a system to scale it better
  • Have previous experience building communities, especially in technical fields like open-source software (OSS) or related areas like developer marketing & evangelism
  • Possess experience with high-quality content creation (newsletters, podcasts, talks, online events, etc.)
  • Understand how challenging startups can be — your personal experience of the pain gives you empathy and drives you to build network-based solutions to help other founders

Our Team & Approach

Our team is fully distributed and embraces the remote work lifestyle. You’ll have the freedom to work from your desired location while staying connected with the team and portfolio companies via Data Council, our portfolio events series, and by building out our community in the U.S. and Europe.

If you’re excited to join an inspired team that’s rethinking the venture firm of the future to better serve deeply technical founders, please reach out to me via a shared connection.

engineer, biz hacker, geek, investor. founder of Data Council & Data Community Fund. I help engineers start companies.

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